Taught university courses, theses supervision, and other teaching activities.

Supervised Theses

Master Theses

  • Remote Pair Programming: Collaboratively Solving Exercises in MOOCs, Summer Term 2023
  • Designing and Evaluating Flexible Learning Paths in MOOCs, Summer Term 2023
  • Supporting Teachers with the Creation of Auto-gradable Programming Exercises, Summer Term 2022

Bachelor Theses

  • An Accessible Virtual Private Network Infrastructure for Interacting with Online Code Execution Environments, Summer Term 2021
  • Peak Load Management in Container Environments on the Example of CodeOcean, Summer Term 2021
  • Remote Debugging within a Web-based Execution Environment, Summer Term 2021
  • Orchestrating Network Scenarios for Interactive Learning Platforms, Summer Term 2021
  • Security Concepts in Programming Languages, Summer Term 2021

Teaching Activities

Summer Term 2021

Winter Term 2020 / 2021

Summer Term 2020

  • Master Project: Developing a Pipeline for the Automated Transcription and Translation of Videos
  • Bachelor Lecture: lnternet and WWW Technologies

Winter Term 2019 / 2020